Temple Of Convergence

An Escort into Danger...
and out.

We fled Korriban, returning at once to Master Luke. However, the trip back was quite alarming. We activated the Holocron The Bloodcarver and the Togorian locked themselves in one of the spare holds for almost a week and didn’t appear

Leaps and Bounds
Always another weakness.

I think the encounter with the Sith Lizard beast really shook Suurj up, he just sat there, mumbling to himself. After an hour or so, he got up and left the way he came, saying something about “Not what he signed up for”. I have feeling we won’t be seeing him again. There wasn’t much we could do about it though, so we set up camp and assigned watches, we needed rest! I was on the second watch and everything was going well, until I heard the growls. Somewhere, out in the darkness and Miasma, I heard punches being thrown and the yelps of Sith hounds, punctuated with ferocious snarls. I woke the party and we readied ourselves. After a few seconds all sounds ceased, the entire valley seemed to be silent. My companions and I braced ourselves for the worst. But suddenly, out of the mists, emerged a hulking figure. I had heard of the Togorians, they used to feared pirates until the Empire crushed them. Now most of them worked as hired muscle, and I could see why, he towered at least a full foot over Darlaunn’s perfectly average 5’8” and he must have weighed at least 300 pounds. This thing was huge, and angry looking. Without pausing the creature lumbered up to me,

“You going in that tomb?”

I took a moment to regain my composure, “Yes, Yes we are.”

“Good, I’ll help you, I want to get into that tomb too.” With that he lay himself down by our small fire and went to sleep, completely occupying both my and Captains bedrolls. Captain and I had a brief discussion and decided to leave the Togorian alone for now, he had offered to help, and fought his way through the mists of the Valley at night by himself. We could use his help, and we really didn’t want to anger him, so we let him be.

I attempted to go to sleep, my watch was over, but I could not. After laying awake for half an hour, I decided to start my day early. I retrieved the small bowl and marble I kept to practice my telekinesis with, and began.

Among my people, there is no concept of puberty or adolescence, at least, not physically. The unique abilities of our physical form means that when our body decides it is time to grow up, it does so rapidly. A child entering into his or her evolving (as we call the handful of growth spurts we go through in our lives) will eat voraciously, about three times as much as normal, go to bed, and wake up 3 or 4 inches taller. Other races find this strange, but it is normal for us. The reason I explain this is that I think I must have undergone a spiritual and mental evolution that morning. I had done this regimen dozens, if not hundreds, of times before, but this time, something inside of me just, changed. It felt like coming home to find an old friend you’ve missed but not realized it. It was the strangest thing. I don’t know how to identify it or explain it, but that morning, for the first time, I was able to perform the regimen perfectly.

Ecstatic, I performed the regimen 3 more times, all perfectly. I could feel the marble and the bowl, as finely and surely as I could feel my own heartbeat. The force spoke to me in my meditations strongly, but not only did it speak, it communicated in feeling and in hearing. Suddenly, I was listening to, and feeling, and witnessing and even smelling the life on this planet. And even sparse as it was, it was immense and breath taking.

My party got up and went about preparing for the day. Soon we stood before the heavy, carved stone block. Almost instinctively I reached out with the Force and nudged the rock aside easily, despite the fact it must have weighed at least 2 tons. As soon as I walked over the tomb’s threshold, I felt the Force weaken, withdraw. It did not like this place. In place of the Force I felt anger, brooding and enduring, hovering in the air. Shivering, I followed my companions in. After a dozen yards or so we came into the dimly lit central chamber. Standing in the center of the room was a Cerean dressed all in black.

“Who are you, and what do seek from this place?”

My party glanced at each other, caught off guard and unsure of what to do. I tenatively stepped forward, “We seek the knowledge kept in this place.”

“You speak of the Holocron. It lies within the chamber through the door behind me. This door is locked, and I can not unlock for you unless you bring the two crystals that lie within the chambers through those two doors.” At this he gestured towards the doors on our right and left.

We asked him a few questions, but he would only say that the answers to our questions were not “in his programming”. Apparently this guardian was a droid of some sort, interesting. After we determined that we would get no more useful information out of the guardian, we decided to do as he said. We were unsure of which door to enter first, when the Togorian charged through the left door. The decision apparently made, we entered the left door.

Beyond it lay what appeared to be a maze of some sort. We had to hurry to keep up with the Togorian (whose name I believe to be Muurg… He shouted it as a battle cry). We went around a series of twists and turns, barely keeping up with Muurg. That’s when I spotted the small rods embedded in the walls periodically, but it was too late. A set of the rods began crackling and suddenly we were faced with a wall of crackling electricity. It stood between us and Muurg. We decided it would be best to split up and try to reunite. We split off different directions and made our way deeper into the maze. It wasn’t long, however, before we heard a keening wail in the general direction Muurg had went. We also heard more and more crackling and when we looked behind us, we discovered that we had been hemmed in by more of the energy walls. No way but forward.

We turned a corner and discovered what had made the sound we heard earlier. A strange, bipedal, lizard like thing blocked our path. It opened its crocodilian maw and emitted a scream, a sound unlike anything I had ever heard. I clutched my head and gasped in pain, luckily Captain was able to crush the creature with force, cutting off its air and the deafening scream. Once he had the beast firmly in his grasp, I slammed it into a nearby energy wall to finish it off quickly. After a few more twists and turns we found our way to the end of the maze, the Togorian was there waiting for us to catch up, apparently he had also encountered one of the creatures. We turned in unison towards the door set into the wall and entered. I immediately saw the crystal on a small pedestal towards the back of the room. We eagerly snatched the small object up and turned back towards the maze, but standing in between us and the doorway were two more of the screeching lizard-men. We dispatched them easily enough and slowly made our way back through the maze, the energy walls had deactivated when we picked up the crystal, and into the main chamber. We strode confidently towards the far door, the last room had proven easy enough, surely we could defeat this room’s challenges just as easily.

The door swung open into absolute blackness. We walked in slowly, our glowsticks illuminating the room. It was a vast cavern with no floor to speak of but rocky outcroppings here and there, islands of stone in a sea of darkness.


From what I can see, the only way to proceed forward in this chamber is by jumping dozens feet from platform to platform. Jumping is not one of my strong points. We looked over the edge and dropped a glowstick, 10, 20, 30, 40 feet it tumbled through the blackness until it struck the ground. Not necessarily a lethal fall, but painful, and there would be no easy way back up. Captain, utilizing the Force, leapt hundreds of feet, landing safely on a far platform. I handed one end of a rope to Muurg who vaulted over a 10 foot gap to the nearest platform, and I jumped after him, and fell several feet short. Luckily, using the rope I’d tied to myself, Muurg hauled me up. He jumped for the next platform, but didn’t make it, unfortunately, using the rope I’d tied to myself, he hauled me down with him. We fell all the way down and shouted up to the Jawa that we were alright. We then struggled for roughly half an hour to climb the walls and get back up.

Finally, we crossed to the platform that Captain had made in a single bound, it took us almost an hour. We looked further into the cave and saw it, the crystal, at least another hundred feet back. It was surrounded by Shyraks, at least 20 of them, but they seemed content to watch us from afar, surrounding the crystal. All the jumps necessary to get to the crystal were even longer than the ones we had already failed, Captain might make it, but we wouldn’t, and he would have to face the swarm of Shyraks alone. He jumped towards the next platform, and the Shyraks attacked. They swarmed him and heated combat ensued. The bloodcarver shot several and I used the Force to throw a few down into the abyss. Captain fought the rest off, but he was in bad shape and couldn’t make any more great leaps. That’s when the simplest idea came to my mind.

Of course.

I reached out in the Force and picked up the crystal and brought it to my hand. Easy, it’s so easy now. Crystal in hand we took our time getting back into the main chamber. We came before the waiting droid and presented the crystals. He smiled and gestured toward the back door, which slid open revealing only a darkened hallway. Eagerly, my companions and I rushed in. As the last of us crossed into the hallway, the droid said something about, “A real Sith would have seen that coming” and the floor fell away, dropping us 15 feet into a pit.

“Pit” isn’t exactly accurate, it was a small, dungeon-like room with some sort of metal grating across a couple patches of the floor. Then of course, there were the droids. They were nothing special, but when I reached out to the force to combat my foes, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t even the tainted Force I had been sensing in this tomb, it was simply, gone. That shouldn’t be possible. While the rest of my party engaged the droids I investigate the chamber. When I looked down through the grates, I saw a small cage beneath me, in the cage was some sort of small lizard, acting on a whim, I plunged my lightsaber downward and swiftly skewered the beast. I moved over to the other grate and killed the creature therein as well. As soon as I did, I felt the Force rush back into me, like breath into my lungs. There was nothing to be found in this chamber so we clambered up and out and confronted the droid. Grinning maniacally at us he activated a lightsaber, a lightsaber unlike anything I had ever seen. Its blade was long and delicate, and somehow the energy containment field was flexible, effectively turning the saber into a whip. He began cracking it at us, herding us back towards the pit. Muurg and Captain slipped by him, circling to flank him. I grabbed him with the force and held him there, suspended and helpless, while my companions rushed in for the kill.

Finally Captain scored a killing blow and the things head flew off, revealing some wiring and a hollow compartment. We searched the body and discovered a few lightsaber crystals, the lightwhip, and a small, triangular device, that must be the holocron.

Carried Away
I'm getting really tired of this temple.

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #3

Since we’ve gotten back I’ve really been putting my nose to the grinding stone. I’ve been training and studying non-stop, to be honest, I’ve never worked so honestly in my life. What’s really peculiar is that I seem to be working harder than everyone else around me, and it shows. I’ve been training quite a bit with my lightsaber, and I’ve actually gotten quite good with it, better than I ever expected. While I am getting used to the feel of this weapon, something about it just doesn’t feel… right. It doesn’t feel like me (Although I’m not sure which “me” I’m referring to). Oh well, perhaps I am merely looking too much into it. I’m also still struggling to learn new applications of the force. I picked up the ability to heal others by my own stigmata, and that came easily (Sacrifice, easy? Me?!? I really need to spend a day as Mun the Gran or something, this is just terrible), but mastery of kinetic abilities still eludes my grasp, but I have never encountered an ability that I deemed useful that I could not master. This will be no different. At any rate, Luke has once again beckoned my peculiarly matched companions and I to his office for a meeting.

He sat us down and informed us that we were leaving to once again return to the ruined temple. We were to explore further into the ruins. I was less than enthusiastic at the prospect, but Darlaunn would never disobey Luke (I respect the man, sure, but Darlaunn is turning into his lapdog, I will have to be careful of that). Though I don’t relish the thought of returning to that temple of damnation, it will prove a valuable opportunity to test out my new abilities.

We immediately struck out once again for the ruined temple. We arrived without incident and entered its shadowed halls warily. We quickly reached the fork where last we had turned right and instead took the left passageway (I was right, Fate has brought us back). We pushed into the temple. This time there were no bat creatures or not-quite-dead corpses, in fact there was no resistance at all. I found that to be unsettling. We eventually reached the end of the passageway. It opened up into a large room with pillars lining the walls. I would’ve stopped to admire the craftsmanship except for the 2 massive doglike creatures that looked none too thrilled at our intrusion. Each beast easily stood 10 feet at the shoulders and superficially resembled a sith hound, however, each one glowed faintly green. This backwater moon continues to surprise me with its wide variety of man eating monsters! They bounded towards us and combat ensued. We worked as a team surprisingly effectively to bring the beasts down. It hit me then that I trust some of my teammates, actually, just one of my teammates. I would trust Captain with my life, which in our current line of work, is an alarming reality. I have never trusted someone who was not family, I will have to meditate on this revelation later. During combat I took a nasty blow from one of the hound’s massive paws and it sent me flying. I crashed into a pillar and slumped down, in those few seconds as I stared down at the pillar’s base I was intrigued by deep worn grooves in the floor, it looked as though the pillar rested on some kind of track. Tucking that knowledge away I rejoined the fray. Once combat was over we investigated the pillars further, we determined that they could be moved. It was also determined that they were supposed to be moved by the force. As one my teammates turned to face me expectantly, but I was not capable of such a feat.

I had failed.

My team decided that we would try to move the pillars my brute force. My weakness has always been my raw power (I was the runt of the family, my little sister could usually beat me at arm wrestling), so I was, once again, useless. After several hours of shoving, pulling and generally difficult work, we moved all the pillars along their tracks until they rested against the walls. As the last pillar slid into place the floor in the center of the room slid away, revealing a staircase. We immediately descended until we came to an unusual door. It had no latches or keypads, and it wasn’t one of those force activated doors that the Jedi and Sith are so fond of. In fact, the only markings on the door at all were three indentations, each a few inches across and deep. There was a triangular one, an octagonal one, and a cube. I was instantly reminded of the small holo-toys my sister played with when she was little, it played happy music whenever you placed the geometrically shaped piece into its corresponding matching slot (and the Jedi think themselves so advanced). Confused, we decided to fill Luke in and see if he had any ideas.

We returned to Luke and told him of the unusual entryway.

“Ah yes,” he replied, “I thought we might run into one of those eventually. It requires a holocron to open.” Seeing our blank stares, he clarified, “A holocron is a small, handheld device created by a great masters of the force, each contains all of the knowledge gained by the creator, or creators, of the holocron. They are exceedingly rare. What’s unusual though, is that this door apparently requires three different holocrons. One of the Jedi order, one of the Sith, and one of another tradition.”

I began mentally making a packing list, I knew what was coming.

“Unfortunately I have yet to find any holocrons, that task belongs to you.”

Of course it does.

He informed us that we needed to head for Korriban immediately, which didn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to me, why should we seek out a Sith holocron first? Wouldn’t other factions be easier to deal with? Oh well, I don’t question Luke (at least out loud). Without much delay we all clambered aboard Sangri and Moza’s ship and began the next leg of our adventure. As we flew at over the planet’s barren surface, I shivered. I could feel the evil in this place. I don’t always agree with the Jedi on the definition of “good”, but I agree with them on this point. The Sith are evil. We landed in a small port in a small city, but when we got off the ship and looked around the city looked virtually abandoned. A few darkly clad figures were out on the streets, but when they saw us approaching they ducked into the nearest doorway. Paranoia runs deep here. We split up to find out what we could about the holocrons, I made myself and my clothing darker, more local. It didn’t work, even though I looked like one of them, they still avoided me, they don’t even trust each other enough to talk out on an open street. I reverted back to Darlaunn and reunited with my party and discovered that more blunt attempts (shaking and threatening) had yielded much better results. We apparently had to go to the Valley of the Sith Lords. How delightful.

The valley was pretty high up in the mountain range, so we hiked for the better part of the day (my body has really adapted to this adventurer’s life, I’m barely even out of breath). During one of our brief rests I got out my small mirror and was shocked to discover that I had changed. It was subtle, and in the lurid red sunlight of this planet I was sure my companions had not noticed (I doubt they would notice if my hair were to suddenly grow 3 feet and turn bright pink, but that is beside the point). My hair had darkened several shades and my skin had paled, but my eyes were what worried me most. They had darkened and become hollow, they had even sunk in slightly, I turned away from my companions and took a brief moment to listen to the force in this matter, as soon as I did, I heard maddening, hateful whispers in my mind, some even out of my own mouth! I immediately withdrew from the force and forced my self back into Darlaunn’s light colored form. The force in this place was tainted, and my strong connection to the force was allowing that taint to spread. I would have to be careful while in this place. I only hope my spirit is not darkened as easily as my body.

We reached the valley and stood at the edge. Before us stretched a bank of fog that obscured the entire valley floor, this was clearly unnatural. As we cautiously approached the mist, it pulled back in one spot revealing a narrow path of dry ground between sunken marsh, though we could still see no further than 20 ft in any direction. Shrugging to each other we entered the mist. No more than 40 ft in a snarling Sith hound jumped us. We’ve fought these and defeated them before so we dispatched it quickly. Before long however, as we continued trudging through the mist, a larger group of them emerged from the mists and surrounded us. We fought them and might have won easily enough, but when Ssuurj maneuvered to one side of the path, very close to the mist, a huge, terrifying lizard creature appeared out of the mist, snatched the Trandoshan up in its giant maw, and vanished, all in the course of just a few seconds. We killed the other hounds as quickly as we could, steeled ourselves, and slogged into the swamp. Luckily, the lizard-creature had stopped not more than a hundred feet away to enjoy its meal (I do not think it is used to being pursued into the swamp), it spotted us easily and combat began anew. Captain fought as valiantly as I have ever seen and with only a little of my help (for I am timid with my force abilities in this cursed place), brought the creature down. We got back onto the path and resumed our trek, soon coming to an ominous tomb, our destination.


I awoke out of my small bed in my apartment on Courisant. This was the day that I would travel to Yavin 4 to study with master Luke. I said my goodbyes to my only friend and promised I would return. It was one of the hardest thing I have ever done, I had made a small and simple life for myself, but I could never know what awaited me on Yavin 4. I held back my small tears as I left the only person that had any meaning in my life.

I composed myself and boreded the shuttle. I was given no information or any introductions, only that we were leaving and it would be a long flight. I began to observe my surroundings and realized how alone and different I really am. There was a smug and distant looking human, which I found was the only one who could understand my simplified language, I sat next to him and talked with him during the ride. There was also a strange creature I had never seen before, which I learned was called a blood carver, she looked very mysterious and I wondered why she was even here. A Yuzzem was sitting alone picking flesh off of his hide. His barbarism reminded me of the sand people that killed my family, and I didnt like that one bit. I stayed away from him as much as I could.

We landed on Yavin, it was a very strange place. I never would have guessed that such a place could have exsisted. It was much different from the deserts of Tatoine, but getting away from the city made me a little more at ease. It wasnt a nice place, but it was peaceful.

A human approached our group and started to speach in a language I didnt understand. The human in our group started translating to me, after I made my point that I couldnt speak his language. I was growing fond of this human, he was not such a bad person, plus everyone else scared me.

We were told about a temple that we were supposed to find, that we had to find our way through the wilderness. I thought it was odd that he told us to start on an adventure as soon as we touched down, but I relished to opportunity to be in the wilderness again. I soon realized that no one had a clue when it came to living a natural enviroment. It easy, I didnt have to worry about tracks or trails getting blown away with the wind, or the entire landscape being reshaped. It was easy, in this forest. I was happy to be needed, I was able to prove myself right away, but how could everyone be so stupid?

We arrived at some sort of ruins, but I had never seen such a structure before. It was foggy, but the Yuzzem charged in blindly. He showed no fear, I thought he was a fool. A larged black creature attacked the harry creature. I saw him stike and then collapse under some sort of mental attack by my human friend. It was astonishing to see such power with only your mind. A second beast attacked and the Yuzzem opened his mouth and bit the creatures head clean off. I felt mortified and impressed at the same time. It was at this time that I started to feel like the useless one.

We entered the building and it was very dark. I stumbled around and we came upon a crossroads. I was told we should go to the right. Upon our arrival into this dark room, our party was attacked by giant flying creatures. Only my human friend proved any worth in this battle as the rest of us tripped and were nearly killed in this darkness.

Back to the academy we were forced to go, Luke was surprised to see us back so soon, but he was disappointed when he learned what happened. We collected supplies and performed a surgery in the gift shop, only to find they had bacta tanks the whole time. After all that, we returned to the ruins and delved deeper into them.

Upon entering another small room, we saw the bodies of fallen storm troopers. So much death sent chills down my spine. I could hardly breathe, but we pressed on. We stepped into the room and lightning shot out from the ground and began moving the corpses back into life. I felt terrible for the once humans that had there bodies desicrated and used for evil intent. Between my passion to make all the evil right in the universe, and my desire to survive a started to swing madly with my mace. It was not a hard struggle, but another room lay ahead, and it was much larger. Our human friend seemed in a trance, he wasnt able to aid us in our battle. The next room held many more animated bodies. We fought hard, but some of these bodies seemed more powerful than others. It was a long and bloody struggle. All of my party had been injured, some severly. It finally ended and I was in need of medical attention. We rushed back to Luke and told him our story and we all recovered from our treck. I was terrified of what happened on our journey, it all happened so fast that I didnt realize how close I was to dying. I now fully understood what was required of me, and although my future still is uncertain, I must continue on and I will become a great jedi.

Everyone and No one

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #2

I get out of bed, pick up my new training lightsaber, and head to training rooms. I have already mastered a handful of training techniques, even a few with lightsabers (Me, using a lightsaber, who would have thought?), my masters are very impressed with my progress. I have been striving to become a more adaptable force user, that fight we had with the rotters (my nickname for the animate corpses) really shook me up. I’ve always thought myself prepared for any situation, but I was completely useless in that battle. I’m training now harder than I ever did back on Kuat. If I can’t defeat a few lifeless corpses, how will I ever avenge my sister? That’s why I’m working at broadening my abilities in the force.

I still favor the ability to muddle my opponent’s mind, but now I know that I have to be prepared for fighting foes who have no minds for me to invade. I am training with more… blunt applications of the force. I admit, I do not enjoy them nearly as much, but they have their place. I have been practicing with my lightsaber quite a bit as well, I have discovered that my fighting style relies on quick jabs and thrusts, not powerful swings and slashes. I do not think I will ever be as good as my Jawa companion, whose name, I discovered, is Captain, at the art of lightsaber combat, but that is alright. I merely need a way to defend myself against foes that are resistant to the influence of the force.

This Jedi tradition is growing on me. It is honorable, I like that. Though I do not know if I like it or Darlaunn does. I am not used to keeping someone around for so long. Darlaunn has been around for just over a month now, with absolutely no reprieve. I miss Alunni, that Zeltron could soothe anyone’s nerves and talk her way out of just about anything. She also made a great Agent of Ossus. She didn’t care about honor, and she knew when to cut her loses. Not like Darlaunn, I’m afraid all his talk of honor is turning me into a goody two-shoes. Of course, that could be the Jedi in this place, though the two are essentially the same. Darlaunn and the Jedi seem to be cut from the same cloth, which is good I suppose. It does take some getting used to though.

This is my last day of training for a while. Yesterday Luke gathered together the old group (minus the Yuzzem, who I have a feeling was kicked out of the academy) and gave us some news. He needed a group to travel to Kuat and meet up with a pair of pilots who can take us to meet with a liaison of the MandelMotor corporation named A’den. I was shocked to hear that we would be traveling to Kuat. But the real shock came when I learned the name of the pilots we needed to contact. None other than Sangri and Monza. They are close allies of the Agents on Kuat. Does Luke know of my past, or is it just fate that brings me back here? The surprises were just beginning.

Before I knew it we had touched down on Kuat. We were boarded by some Imperial soldiers and searched. Luckily I hid the recovered items from the temple well. The soldiers asked a few standard questions and seemed satisfied with my answers, so they left. I think the stress has proven too much for the Bloodcarver (whose name I’ve yet to learn), she has started bragging to anyone who will listen of her imaginary cannibalism. She seemed set on following me, which would have caused no end of trouble as I was going to some of my underworld contacts to sell the equipment we had recovered from the ancient temple.

It was a simple matter to loose her. Wait until her back is turned. Three pure black eyes on long eyestalks, triangular ears, small horns, beige skin. Grans are easy, there eyes are black, flat, emotionless, so I always get them right. Join a passing group of citizens as they head towards a nearby shuttle. My name is Mun Drian, the Gran. Not that I expect many names to be asked where I’m headed. Soon I had rediscovered my old underworld contacts, I don’t feel honorable anymore, Mun Drian must not be a very honorable person. Good, he’s just the sort I need. Within a few hours I had moved all the items into the hands of my contacts and had made a hefty sum of money. I had never realized how many creds there were to be made in the arms trade. I headed back to meet up with my companions, it had felt just like old times there for a little while. The only reminder of Darlaunn and the past month is the concealed lightsaber at my side. On the way back I bought a holoshroud, I have always wanted one of these, but I’ve never been able to afford one until now. As I make my way back, I duck into an ally for a few seconds. Reemerging, I am Darlaunn, I am honorable and stubborn. I have one last stop to make before finally returning to my allies.

I have only heard his name a few times. He has been hired by the Agents a few times, and I know his haunts, after looking around a bit I find him. He’s a Trandoshan, the seedy type. Darlaunn doesn’t know if this is such a good idea, but I do. We need someone to fill the spot that the Yuzzem left behind, and from what I hear. This Trandoshan is a perfect fit. I slid into the cantina booth across from him, prepared to offer favors and credits, but as soon as I explained to him the nature of our mission, he agreed to join, no payment necessary. His motivation is unknown. I had heard the Agents say that Ssuurj, for that is his name, is a force sensitive, but if he is, I do not think he knows it. Despite that, I know for sure that he is a mighty warrior, which is just what we need.

With the new ally in tow, I rejoined with the party.

We divided up the credits I had gotten for the arms and armor, it’s a good thing Mun Drian isn’t here, he might not have been so honest. Lucky for my companions, Darlaunn is honorable. We spent our newfound wealth where we wanted. With an eye towards preparedness I purchased everything I figured I would ever need, everything from glowrods to utility knives to recording devices. As far as equipment goes, I should be prepared for everything, now if only I myself were so prepared.

After we equipped ourselves it was about time for our rendezvous with Sangri and Monza so we turned our feet towards the dock. We arrived exactly when we were supposed to. In the dock was their ship, but they were nowhere to be seen. Confused we look about until a rather seedy individual appeared from the shadows. Immediately we began questioning him about the location of the pilots. He responded that their ship was impounded and they themselves were imprisoned for their treasonous activities against the Empire, chief of which was aiding the sect of force users known as the Agents of Ossus. I was appalled. Though I had never known them personally, I knew they had been great allies of the Agents indeed. They must have been captured after I fled the planet, thanks to the that scum M’ril. I tried to convince the man to give us more information as to the exact whereabouts of the pilots, first by my natural giftedness in such techniques, then by the force, and finally, by bribery. The bribe seemed to interest him, and he said that he would see what he could pull together. He told us to return after a short amount of time. We turned to leave and I spotted a shadowy Toydarian. He beckoned at us to follow then turned and flew away. Intrigued, we gave chase.

This adventure was just beginning.

We caught up to the strange Toydarian in a small cantina, he beckoned us into a private back room. As soon as we entered he threw back his concealing hood, I recognized him immediately. Reti, a fellow Agent. He wasn’t the most talented force user, I held that title (Darlaunn immediately started silently berating me over that thought, he’s worried that such prideful notions will lead me to the dark side.), but he was good guy. Trustworthy, honorable, and stubborn. Actually, now that I think about it, he was probably one of the three people I modeled Darlaunn’s personality after. In any case, Darlaunn likes him immediately. I took him aside (the Jawa was attempting to socialize in the main room) and informed him of my actual identity. Startled, Reti nonetheless began informing me of the situation.

“M’ril did his work well, his traitorous actions have all but ended the agents of Ossus. After you abandoned us, the rest of us were hunted down. Sangri and Monza were taken because they associated too closely with us.”

I chose to ignore the “abandoned” comment and filled him in on our predicament. It was difficulty to contain myself, even just hearing M’ril’s name out loud filled me with rage. My sister died because of that villainous scum!

I snapped out of my rumination when I realized I was muttering under my breath and drawing some stares. I looked at him and asked him if he could help. He replied that he could. He told me that if we could reacquire Sangri and Monza’s ship, then he could locate them, and we could break them out of prison. I replied that I thought that sounded up my allies’ ally. I regathered them and we set out towards the hangar.

When we arrived I noticed that the seedy human whom we had talked to earlier was nowhere to be seen. As we walked towards the hangar two storm troopers made to block our entry. We eliminated them and moved into the hangar. A small group of storm troopers stood between us and the ship, so we blasted, slashed, and mind-crushed our way through them all. We stripped their bodies for useful loot and took off. Luckily, Ssuurj was a half-way decent pilot. Reti meditated and located Sangri and Monza. We flew towards the Kuat Center for Dissenters Malcontents. Soon we had arrived at the prison. We promptly opened fire and I was informed that we were expected to personally disembark from the ship and rescue the pilots.

Darlaunn was troubled by this revelation, but I knew just what to do. I quickly donned one of the storm trooper armors we had taken from the battle in the dock. I pocketed my holoshroud and prepared to exit the ship. As soon as the doors opened, I jumped out, and before the smoke from the ship’s blaster canons had cleared I stood pointing my blaster rifle at the hole in the wall alongside my two new “teammates”, who had also leveled their Empire issued blaster rifles at the intruders. I started shouting some vaguely threatening things at my companions, feigning aggression, but firing no actual shots. Once the fight began in ernest I slipped behind the guards and made my way down the cell block towards Sangri and Monza’s cell. I quickly sliced the interface and opened the door.

I explained the situation quickly and tossed Sangri my holoshroud which we quickly donned. I put Monza in a pair of my binder cuffs and led him out of the cell between Sangri and I. We looked for all the world like some storm troopers escorting a prisoner. We slipped back into the room where the battle was still raging. We roughly shoved Monza towards the hole and the ship while communicating that we were the first of the reinforcements arriving to aid in the apprehending of these lawless scum. Before they had time to take a breath of relief, however, we jumped aboard our ship and our allies disengaged from combat to do the same. We flew away before the poor guards knew what happened

We escaped Kuat airspace relatively easy, and after that, the rest was smooth sailing. We picked up A’den (Who I seem to dislike almost instinctively) and returned to the Academy. Our mission was an all-around success. We gained three new allies (Sangri and Monza promised us aid anytime we need a ride), and although Luke remained conspicuously silent about our less than legal activities, he seemed pleased with our results.

I lay down once again in my spartan bedchamber. I don’t even need to meditate upon my form any longer. It is instinctive, natural, and frightening. I am not used to being so… used to something. But I sense a time of change in the not to distant future, perhaps it will provide me with the much needed opportunity to change.

The Orientation of Untimely Demise
I should have gone to North Coruscant University like my parents wanted me to...

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #1

Slightly crooked, small nose. White teeth, slightly uneven, but otherwise straight. Short, Dirty blond hair, cowlick on the left side so it never lays down completely in one spot, 5’8”, 140 pounds. Now for the eyes, the eyes are the hardest thing to get right. Darlaunn is guarded, but kind, reserved, but passionate, so the eyes to need to display a thinly veiled intensity. I’m glad I have a mirror, the eyes are so difficult to get right.

I take a moment and focus, quieting my mind. I am Darlaunn, I am from Kuat, I was raised there. I am a single child. My parents are dead, one from a heart condition, one from old age. I was discovered as a force sensitive when I was 9 and taken in by a master in hiding. I am honorable, but stubborn. Today I, Darlaunn, leave for Yavin 4 to be trained under the legendary Luke Skywalker. Once more I run over the details of my form, cementing them in my mind, don’t forget the eyes. I am Darlaunn.

Right from the beginning, I knew it was going to be a bad week. It all started on the shuttle ride… It was one of the worst shuttle rides of my life. By far my least favorite part was the large Yuzzem sitting across the aisle from me. He was overly-large and reeked of decay. I couldn’t figure out why until he started picking rotting flesh from his matted fur (though it should be noted that some of the flesh chunks were distinctly fresher than others). There was an overly talkative Jawa who decided to sit beside me. He was nice enough, but I’ve made a life of revealing as little of myself as possible, so he makes me incredibly uncomfortable. In addition to those two, there was a shadowy bloodcarver (who made me feel more at home) sitting in the corner. Despite her enigmatic appearance, there was no mystery as to the large sniper rifle that she could do little to conceal.

Things were already strange, and I hadn’t even touched foot on Yavin 4 yet.

We finally landed on Yavin 4, I’ve been on some backwater planets, but this is the backwater moon of a backwater planet which has fallen to ruins. The campus gift shop only offers basic survival gear, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it here for long!

Upon disembarking from the shuttle, Luke Skywalker met us and welcomed us to his Academy by giving us our first assignment. He didn’t train us, or offer any pointers, just sent us to some old, decrepit, abandoned ruins to investigate what he calls “a disturbance in the force”. This is his orientation technique? My masters on Kuat were right, these Jedi are a peculiar bunch. We set out immediately. I have never visited such a barbaric wilderness. I am much more at home in the cities. Luckily the Jawa claimed to know his way around a forest (despite the fact that he has lived in a dessert his entire life).

We walked through the day into the forests of Yavin 4 until we stumbled upon a marsh. I wanted nothing more than to turn back, but Darlaunn is honorable and stubborn, so I pushed on. Fog rolled in, I took a moment to sense the flow of the force, to hear its voice and listen for its knowledge. The shadows there were filled with danger, I opened my mouth to warn the Yuzzim who was already slogging through the slime, but before I could utter a sound, a great, snarling beast fell onto him from one of the trees. I took a breath and let the force show me what I needed to see. The beast was a sith hound (these sith creatures are a plague throughout the galaxy). I reached out and enveloped the creature’s mind with my own before jamming a bit of my own consciousness into its. It feebly attempted to hold me back, but it could not succeed.

My thoughts poison its mind, it looses itself, it has no identity, it is everyone and no one.

The hound crumpled to the ground in a heap. I became aware of my surroundings once again only to see another of the animals drop down and engage the Yuzzem. I prepared myself to crush this one’s mind as I did the last, but before I could, the Yuzzem opened his wide maw and inserted the hounds head, teeth and all. With a mighty crunch he bit down, completely severing of the sith hound’s neck. Darlaunn made a careful note of this companion, he is disgusting, irritating, and barbaric, but he is not to be trifled with.

We continued on a little further before coming to the ruins that Luke had wanted us to look out for. He especially wanted us to investigate the hangar. As fate would have it, the hangar bay door was totally collapsed, rendering the hangar inaccessible from the outside and our assignment that much more difficult. After a brief discussion we decided to head inside.

The temple smelled of death and dust. Unfortunately, it was impossible to see more than a few feet beyond the entrance before everything was lost to the shadows. In my time on Dyspeth, I grew comfortable in darkness and shadows, however, Darlaunn has never visited, or even heard of, Dyspeth, so he is quite uncomfortable in this place. We quickly discovered that none of us had brought any form of illumination. The others wanted to keep going, it went against my better judgement, but Darlaunn is honorable and stubborn, so we pushed on.

Into the darkness we marched. I kept myself open to the force, listening. As the others stumbled on through the darkness I realized that none of my companions were listening to the force. Odd, here I thought I was at a Jedi Academy. Whatever the reason, I’m the only one who seems to actually tap into the force. We soon came to a split in the path. I listened to the force and fate. The answer was clear enough, the left fork held our almost certain demise, while the right would bring us that much closer to our destiny. Again, I seemed to be the only one here aware of his own capabilities. I’ve always known I was strong in the force, but am I so much stronger than these others? At any rate, the group heeded my advice and moved down the right road, leaving the left for another day (And I do believe fate will bring us back to that path before long). We came to a small room. Suddenly, giant screeching, bat-like monstrosities flew at us. The yuzzim and jawa (what odd company I find myself in!) charged blindly into the room and fell over each other, both unable to see with their eyes or the force. I easily pinpointed the two creatures that were terrorizing us and shattered their minds. One of our number was severely injured in the fray.

At that point my own sensibilities overwhelmed Darlaunn’s stubbornness. The group was lucky to have me there, but I could not fight every battle alone. The rest of the group was even more frustrated than I, so we turned around to head back to the Academy. Luke was not thrilled to see us return in failure, but he allowed us access to the medical facilities (after I was forced to perform an emergency surgery in the middle of the gift shop) and heal before sending us back to the temple. Equipped with glow rods we trudged back out into the wilderness.

We returned to the temple and wound our way through its crumbling halls deeper and deeper. We entered a rooms in which several decades-old corpses rested. They still had on their storm trooper armor. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the presence of evil. There was dark force at work here. I reached out with the force and felt an incredibly powerful presence of dark force power beneath our feet, but if it had a sentient source, that source successfully hid itself from my sight. As the rest of the party stumbled into the room, raw energy began crackling around the room, centering on the corpses. As one, the ancient bones rose from the floor, returning to a dark mockery of life. Never in all my extensive travels have I seen such a thing.

I had little time to wonder when, as one, the once lifeless bodies began firing their weapons at our group. The Jawa and Yuzzem charged into the fray courageously (though perhaps in the Yuzzem’s case, just rageously). As they did, waves of tangible evil began seeping off the creatures, darkening our thoughts and wills. I reached out with my mind to the nearest foe in order to crush its consciousness, but there was nothing there! I panicked. In every place I have ever traveled I relied exclusively on my ability to confuse or destroy the minds of my opponents. I have encountered those who were highly resistant, but never have I encountered a mindless creature who could use the force! The rest of the battle is a blur to me, all I know is that I was practically useless. I had no weapon, and no way to really affect these creatures. Lucky for me, my companions dispatched the unnatural creatures easily enough. Never have I felt so useless! I picked up one of the creature’s blasters and some grenades to use in case we ran into more.

We moved through a short passage and a doorway and found ourselves in the hangar. Before we could take the breadth of the room in, however, more of the force-using corpses rose from the floor. The battle that ensued was as desperate as any I have ever engaged in. It seemed to stretch on for hours as we battled against our tireless foes. I used my grenades and blaster to dispatch a few, but I was not the main player in this particular game. Soon, as the battle seemed to be nearing an end, one of my companions, the Jawa, went down. Those of us remaining battled furiously, I sustained several severe blaster burns.

Then, as suddenly it started, the battle was over. I rushed over to my fallen teammate while the others checked around the hangar, finding some useful equipment. After a minute or two, it was determined that we needed to get back to the academy as quickly as possible. We carried the Jawa all the way back to the Academy and got him medical attention. I collapsed from my injuries once the adrenaline in my system ran itself out.

I awoke with a start, and my hands flew to my face. Who am I?!? Slightly crooked, small nose. White teeth, slightly uneven, but otherwise straight. Short, Dirty blond hair, cowlick on the left side so it never lays down completely in one spot. Darlaunn, I am Darlaunn. My panic faded and I remembered the events of the past several days. I got up and looked around for my companions. Finding the Bloodcarver, I learned that while I and the Jawa had been unconscious, the rest of my team had recounted our adventures to Luke. He was impressed by our bravery and shocked when we related to him the nature of our seemingly dead foes. He vowed to investigate the matter further and officially welcomed us to his Jedi academy.

We are now to train until he stumbles across another task that needs doing.

I think I understand why Luke sent us there. He was teaching us to adapt. I understand that better than anyone. I have learned that lesson many times before. But now I am tired, and the words of the account of my adventures are beginning to blur.

I lay down and mentally check my body and face again, as is my ritual. I am Darlaunn.

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