Temple Of Convergence


Everyone and No one

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #2

I get out of bed, pick up my new training lightsaber, and head to training rooms. I have already mastered a handful of training techniques, even a few with lightsabers (Me, using a lightsaber, who would have thought?), my masters are very impressed with my progress. I have been striving to become a more adaptable force user, that fight we had with the rotters (my nickname for the animate corpses) really shook me up. I’ve always thought myself prepared for any situation, but I was completely useless in that battle. I’m training now harder than I ever did back on Kuat. If I can’t defeat a few lifeless corpses, how will I ever avenge my sister? That’s why I’m working at broadening my abilities in the force.

I still favor the ability to muddle my opponent’s mind, but now I know that I have to be prepared for fighting foes who have no minds for me to invade. I am training with more… blunt applications of the force. I admit, I do not enjoy them nearly as much, but they have their place. I have been practicing with my lightsaber quite a bit as well, I have discovered that my fighting style relies on quick jabs and thrusts, not powerful swings and slashes. I do not think I will ever be as good as my Jawa companion, whose name, I discovered, is Captain, at the art of lightsaber combat, but that is alright. I merely need a way to defend myself against foes that are resistant to the influence of the force.

This Jedi tradition is growing on me. It is honorable, I like that. Though I do not know if I like it or Darlaunn does. I am not used to keeping someone around for so long. Darlaunn has been around for just over a month now, with absolutely no reprieve. I miss Alunni, that Zeltron could soothe anyone’s nerves and talk her way out of just about anything. She also made a great Agent of Ossus. She didn’t care about honor, and she knew when to cut her loses. Not like Darlaunn, I’m afraid all his talk of honor is turning me into a goody two-shoes. Of course, that could be the Jedi in this place, though the two are essentially the same. Darlaunn and the Jedi seem to be cut from the same cloth, which is good I suppose. It does take some getting used to though.

This is my last day of training for a while. Yesterday Luke gathered together the old group (minus the Yuzzem, who I have a feeling was kicked out of the academy) and gave us some news. He needed a group to travel to Kuat and meet up with a pair of pilots who can take us to meet with a liaison of the MandelMotor corporation named A’den. I was shocked to hear that we would be traveling to Kuat. But the real shock came when I learned the name of the pilots we needed to contact. None other than Sangri and Monza. They are close allies of the Agents on Kuat. Does Luke know of my past, or is it just fate that brings me back here? The surprises were just beginning.

Before I knew it we had touched down on Kuat. We were boarded by some Imperial soldiers and searched. Luckily I hid the recovered items from the temple well. The soldiers asked a few standard questions and seemed satisfied with my answers, so they left. I think the stress has proven too much for the Bloodcarver (whose name I’ve yet to learn), she has started bragging to anyone who will listen of her imaginary cannibalism. She seemed set on following me, which would have caused no end of trouble as I was going to some of my underworld contacts to sell the equipment we had recovered from the ancient temple.

It was a simple matter to loose her. Wait until her back is turned. Three pure black eyes on long eyestalks, triangular ears, small horns, beige skin. Grans are easy, there eyes are black, flat, emotionless, so I always get them right. Join a passing group of citizens as they head towards a nearby shuttle. My name is Mun Drian, the Gran. Not that I expect many names to be asked where I’m headed. Soon I had rediscovered my old underworld contacts, I don’t feel honorable anymore, Mun Drian must not be a very honorable person. Good, he’s just the sort I need. Within a few hours I had moved all the items into the hands of my contacts and had made a hefty sum of money. I had never realized how many creds there were to be made in the arms trade. I headed back to meet up with my companions, it had felt just like old times there for a little while. The only reminder of Darlaunn and the past month is the concealed lightsaber at my side. On the way back I bought a holoshroud, I have always wanted one of these, but I’ve never been able to afford one until now. As I make my way back, I duck into an ally for a few seconds. Reemerging, I am Darlaunn, I am honorable and stubborn. I have one last stop to make before finally returning to my allies.

I have only heard his name a few times. He has been hired by the Agents a few times, and I know his haunts, after looking around a bit I find him. He’s a Trandoshan, the seedy type. Darlaunn doesn’t know if this is such a good idea, but I do. We need someone to fill the spot that the Yuzzem left behind, and from what I hear. This Trandoshan is a perfect fit. I slid into the cantina booth across from him, prepared to offer favors and credits, but as soon as I explained to him the nature of our mission, he agreed to join, no payment necessary. His motivation is unknown. I had heard the Agents say that Ssuurj, for that is his name, is a force sensitive, but if he is, I do not think he knows it. Despite that, I know for sure that he is a mighty warrior, which is just what we need.

With the new ally in tow, I rejoined with the party.

We divided up the credits I had gotten for the arms and armor, it’s a good thing Mun Drian isn’t here, he might not have been so honest. Lucky for my companions, Darlaunn is honorable. We spent our newfound wealth where we wanted. With an eye towards preparedness I purchased everything I figured I would ever need, everything from glowrods to utility knives to recording devices. As far as equipment goes, I should be prepared for everything, now if only I myself were so prepared.

After we equipped ourselves it was about time for our rendezvous with Sangri and Monza so we turned our feet towards the dock. We arrived exactly when we were supposed to. In the dock was their ship, but they were nowhere to be seen. Confused we look about until a rather seedy individual appeared from the shadows. Immediately we began questioning him about the location of the pilots. He responded that their ship was impounded and they themselves were imprisoned for their treasonous activities against the Empire, chief of which was aiding the sect of force users known as the Agents of Ossus. I was appalled. Though I had never known them personally, I knew they had been great allies of the Agents indeed. They must have been captured after I fled the planet, thanks to the that scum M’ril. I tried to convince the man to give us more information as to the exact whereabouts of the pilots, first by my natural giftedness in such techniques, then by the force, and finally, by bribery. The bribe seemed to interest him, and he said that he would see what he could pull together. He told us to return after a short amount of time. We turned to leave and I spotted a shadowy Toydarian. He beckoned at us to follow then turned and flew away. Intrigued, we gave chase.

This adventure was just beginning.

We caught up to the strange Toydarian in a small cantina, he beckoned us into a private back room. As soon as we entered he threw back his concealing hood, I recognized him immediately. Reti, a fellow Agent. He wasn’t the most talented force user, I held that title (Darlaunn immediately started silently berating me over that thought, he’s worried that such prideful notions will lead me to the dark side.), but he was good guy. Trustworthy, honorable, and stubborn. Actually, now that I think about it, he was probably one of the three people I modeled Darlaunn’s personality after. In any case, Darlaunn likes him immediately. I took him aside (the Jawa was attempting to socialize in the main room) and informed him of my actual identity. Startled, Reti nonetheless began informing me of the situation.

“M’ril did his work well, his traitorous actions have all but ended the agents of Ossus. After you abandoned us, the rest of us were hunted down. Sangri and Monza were taken because they associated too closely with us.”

I chose to ignore the “abandoned” comment and filled him in on our predicament. It was difficulty to contain myself, even just hearing M’ril’s name out loud filled me with rage. My sister died because of that villainous scum!

I snapped out of my rumination when I realized I was muttering under my breath and drawing some stares. I looked at him and asked him if he could help. He replied that he could. He told me that if we could reacquire Sangri and Monza’s ship, then he could locate them, and we could break them out of prison. I replied that I thought that sounded up my allies’ ally. I regathered them and we set out towards the hangar.

When we arrived I noticed that the seedy human whom we had talked to earlier was nowhere to be seen. As we walked towards the hangar two storm troopers made to block our entry. We eliminated them and moved into the hangar. A small group of storm troopers stood between us and the ship, so we blasted, slashed, and mind-crushed our way through them all. We stripped their bodies for useful loot and took off. Luckily, Ssuurj was a half-way decent pilot. Reti meditated and located Sangri and Monza. We flew towards the Kuat Center for Dissenters Malcontents. Soon we had arrived at the prison. We promptly opened fire and I was informed that we were expected to personally disembark from the ship and rescue the pilots.

Darlaunn was troubled by this revelation, but I knew just what to do. I quickly donned one of the storm trooper armors we had taken from the battle in the dock. I pocketed my holoshroud and prepared to exit the ship. As soon as the doors opened, I jumped out, and before the smoke from the ship’s blaster canons had cleared I stood pointing my blaster rifle at the hole in the wall alongside my two new “teammates”, who had also leveled their Empire issued blaster rifles at the intruders. I started shouting some vaguely threatening things at my companions, feigning aggression, but firing no actual shots. Once the fight began in ernest I slipped behind the guards and made my way down the cell block towards Sangri and Monza’s cell. I quickly sliced the interface and opened the door.

I explained the situation quickly and tossed Sangri my holoshroud which we quickly donned. I put Monza in a pair of my binder cuffs and led him out of the cell between Sangri and I. We looked for all the world like some storm troopers escorting a prisoner. We slipped back into the room where the battle was still raging. We roughly shoved Monza towards the hole and the ship while communicating that we were the first of the reinforcements arriving to aid in the apprehending of these lawless scum. Before they had time to take a breath of relief, however, we jumped aboard our ship and our allies disengaged from combat to do the same. We flew away before the poor guards knew what happened

We escaped Kuat airspace relatively easy, and after that, the rest was smooth sailing. We picked up A’den (Who I seem to dislike almost instinctively) and returned to the Academy. Our mission was an all-around success. We gained three new allies (Sangri and Monza promised us aid anytime we need a ride), and although Luke remained conspicuously silent about our less than legal activities, he seemed pleased with our results.

I lay down once again in my spartan bedchamber. I don’t even need to meditate upon my form any longer. It is instinctive, natural, and frightening. I am not used to being so… used to something. But I sense a time of change in the not to distant future, perhaps it will provide me with the much needed opportunity to change.



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