Temple Of Convergence

Carried Away

I'm getting really tired of this temple.

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #3

Since we’ve gotten back I’ve really been putting my nose to the grinding stone. I’ve been training and studying non-stop, to be honest, I’ve never worked so honestly in my life. What’s really peculiar is that I seem to be working harder than everyone else around me, and it shows. I’ve been training quite a bit with my lightsaber, and I’ve actually gotten quite good with it, better than I ever expected. While I am getting used to the feel of this weapon, something about it just doesn’t feel… right. It doesn’t feel like me (Although I’m not sure which “me” I’m referring to). Oh well, perhaps I am merely looking too much into it. I’m also still struggling to learn new applications of the force. I picked up the ability to heal others by my own stigmata, and that came easily (Sacrifice, easy? Me?!? I really need to spend a day as Mun the Gran or something, this is just terrible), but mastery of kinetic abilities still eludes my grasp, but I have never encountered an ability that I deemed useful that I could not master. This will be no different. At any rate, Luke has once again beckoned my peculiarly matched companions and I to his office for a meeting.

He sat us down and informed us that we were leaving to once again return to the ruined temple. We were to explore further into the ruins. I was less than enthusiastic at the prospect, but Darlaunn would never disobey Luke (I respect the man, sure, but Darlaunn is turning into his lapdog, I will have to be careful of that). Though I don’t relish the thought of returning to that temple of damnation, it will prove a valuable opportunity to test out my new abilities.

We immediately struck out once again for the ruined temple. We arrived without incident and entered its shadowed halls warily. We quickly reached the fork where last we had turned right and instead took the left passageway (I was right, Fate has brought us back). We pushed into the temple. This time there were no bat creatures or not-quite-dead corpses, in fact there was no resistance at all. I found that to be unsettling. We eventually reached the end of the passageway. It opened up into a large room with pillars lining the walls. I would’ve stopped to admire the craftsmanship except for the 2 massive doglike creatures that looked none too thrilled at our intrusion. Each beast easily stood 10 feet at the shoulders and superficially resembled a sith hound, however, each one glowed faintly green. This backwater moon continues to surprise me with its wide variety of man eating monsters! They bounded towards us and combat ensued. We worked as a team surprisingly effectively to bring the beasts down. It hit me then that I trust some of my teammates, actually, just one of my teammates. I would trust Captain with my life, which in our current line of work, is an alarming reality. I have never trusted someone who was not family, I will have to meditate on this revelation later. During combat I took a nasty blow from one of the hound’s massive paws and it sent me flying. I crashed into a pillar and slumped down, in those few seconds as I stared down at the pillar’s base I was intrigued by deep worn grooves in the floor, it looked as though the pillar rested on some kind of track. Tucking that knowledge away I rejoined the fray. Once combat was over we investigated the pillars further, we determined that they could be moved. It was also determined that they were supposed to be moved by the force. As one my teammates turned to face me expectantly, but I was not capable of such a feat.

I had failed.

My team decided that we would try to move the pillars my brute force. My weakness has always been my raw power (I was the runt of the family, my little sister could usually beat me at arm wrestling), so I was, once again, useless. After several hours of shoving, pulling and generally difficult work, we moved all the pillars along their tracks until they rested against the walls. As the last pillar slid into place the floor in the center of the room slid away, revealing a staircase. We immediately descended until we came to an unusual door. It had no latches or keypads, and it wasn’t one of those force activated doors that the Jedi and Sith are so fond of. In fact, the only markings on the door at all were three indentations, each a few inches across and deep. There was a triangular one, an octagonal one, and a cube. I was instantly reminded of the small holo-toys my sister played with when she was little, it played happy music whenever you placed the geometrically shaped piece into its corresponding matching slot (and the Jedi think themselves so advanced). Confused, we decided to fill Luke in and see if he had any ideas.

We returned to Luke and told him of the unusual entryway.

“Ah yes,” he replied, “I thought we might run into one of those eventually. It requires a holocron to open.” Seeing our blank stares, he clarified, “A holocron is a small, handheld device created by a great masters of the force, each contains all of the knowledge gained by the creator, or creators, of the holocron. They are exceedingly rare. What’s unusual though, is that this door apparently requires three different holocrons. One of the Jedi order, one of the Sith, and one of another tradition.”

I began mentally making a packing list, I knew what was coming.

“Unfortunately I have yet to find any holocrons, that task belongs to you.”

Of course it does.

He informed us that we needed to head for Korriban immediately, which didn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to me, why should we seek out a Sith holocron first? Wouldn’t other factions be easier to deal with? Oh well, I don’t question Luke (at least out loud). Without much delay we all clambered aboard Sangri and Moza’s ship and began the next leg of our adventure. As we flew at over the planet’s barren surface, I shivered. I could feel the evil in this place. I don’t always agree with the Jedi on the definition of “good”, but I agree with them on this point. The Sith are evil. We landed in a small port in a small city, but when we got off the ship and looked around the city looked virtually abandoned. A few darkly clad figures were out on the streets, but when they saw us approaching they ducked into the nearest doorway. Paranoia runs deep here. We split up to find out what we could about the holocrons, I made myself and my clothing darker, more local. It didn’t work, even though I looked like one of them, they still avoided me, they don’t even trust each other enough to talk out on an open street. I reverted back to Darlaunn and reunited with my party and discovered that more blunt attempts (shaking and threatening) had yielded much better results. We apparently had to go to the Valley of the Sith Lords. How delightful.

The valley was pretty high up in the mountain range, so we hiked for the better part of the day (my body has really adapted to this adventurer’s life, I’m barely even out of breath). During one of our brief rests I got out my small mirror and was shocked to discover that I had changed. It was subtle, and in the lurid red sunlight of this planet I was sure my companions had not noticed (I doubt they would notice if my hair were to suddenly grow 3 feet and turn bright pink, but that is beside the point). My hair had darkened several shades and my skin had paled, but my eyes were what worried me most. They had darkened and become hollow, they had even sunk in slightly, I turned away from my companions and took a brief moment to listen to the force in this matter, as soon as I did, I heard maddening, hateful whispers in my mind, some even out of my own mouth! I immediately withdrew from the force and forced my self back into Darlaunn’s light colored form. The force in this place was tainted, and my strong connection to the force was allowing that taint to spread. I would have to be careful while in this place. I only hope my spirit is not darkened as easily as my body.

We reached the valley and stood at the edge. Before us stretched a bank of fog that obscured the entire valley floor, this was clearly unnatural. As we cautiously approached the mist, it pulled back in one spot revealing a narrow path of dry ground between sunken marsh, though we could still see no further than 20 ft in any direction. Shrugging to each other we entered the mist. No more than 40 ft in a snarling Sith hound jumped us. We’ve fought these and defeated them before so we dispatched it quickly. Before long however, as we continued trudging through the mist, a larger group of them emerged from the mists and surrounded us. We fought them and might have won easily enough, but when Ssuurj maneuvered to one side of the path, very close to the mist, a huge, terrifying lizard creature appeared out of the mist, snatched the Trandoshan up in its giant maw, and vanished, all in the course of just a few seconds. We killed the other hounds as quickly as we could, steeled ourselves, and slogged into the swamp. Luckily, the lizard-creature had stopped not more than a hundred feet away to enjoy its meal (I do not think it is used to being pursued into the swamp), it spotted us easily and combat began anew. Captain fought as valiantly as I have ever seen and with only a little of my help (for I am timid with my force abilities in this cursed place), brought the creature down. We got back onto the path and resumed our trek, soon coming to an ominous tomb, our destination.



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