Temple Of Convergence

Leaps and Bounds

Always another weakness.

I think the encounter with the Sith Lizard beast really shook Suurj up, he just sat there, mumbling to himself. After an hour or so, he got up and left the way he came, saying something about “Not what he signed up for”. I have feeling we won’t be seeing him again. There wasn’t much we could do about it though, so we set up camp and assigned watches, we needed rest! I was on the second watch and everything was going well, until I heard the growls. Somewhere, out in the darkness and Miasma, I heard punches being thrown and the yelps of Sith hounds, punctuated with ferocious snarls. I woke the party and we readied ourselves. After a few seconds all sounds ceased, the entire valley seemed to be silent. My companions and I braced ourselves for the worst. But suddenly, out of the mists, emerged a hulking figure. I had heard of the Togorians, they used to feared pirates until the Empire crushed them. Now most of them worked as hired muscle, and I could see why, he towered at least a full foot over Darlaunn’s perfectly average 5’8” and he must have weighed at least 300 pounds. This thing was huge, and angry looking. Without pausing the creature lumbered up to me,

“You going in that tomb?”

I took a moment to regain my composure, “Yes, Yes we are.”

“Good, I’ll help you, I want to get into that tomb too.” With that he lay himself down by our small fire and went to sleep, completely occupying both my and Captains bedrolls. Captain and I had a brief discussion and decided to leave the Togorian alone for now, he had offered to help, and fought his way through the mists of the Valley at night by himself. We could use his help, and we really didn’t want to anger him, so we let him be.

I attempted to go to sleep, my watch was over, but I could not. After laying awake for half an hour, I decided to start my day early. I retrieved the small bowl and marble I kept to practice my telekinesis with, and began.

Among my people, there is no concept of puberty or adolescence, at least, not physically. The unique abilities of our physical form means that when our body decides it is time to grow up, it does so rapidly. A child entering into his or her evolving (as we call the handful of growth spurts we go through in our lives) will eat voraciously, about three times as much as normal, go to bed, and wake up 3 or 4 inches taller. Other races find this strange, but it is normal for us. The reason I explain this is that I think I must have undergone a spiritual and mental evolution that morning. I had done this regimen dozens, if not hundreds, of times before, but this time, something inside of me just, changed. It felt like coming home to find an old friend you’ve missed but not realized it. It was the strangest thing. I don’t know how to identify it or explain it, but that morning, for the first time, I was able to perform the regimen perfectly.

Ecstatic, I performed the regimen 3 more times, all perfectly. I could feel the marble and the bowl, as finely and surely as I could feel my own heartbeat. The force spoke to me in my meditations strongly, but not only did it speak, it communicated in feeling and in hearing. Suddenly, I was listening to, and feeling, and witnessing and even smelling the life on this planet. And even sparse as it was, it was immense and breath taking.

My party got up and went about preparing for the day. Soon we stood before the heavy, carved stone block. Almost instinctively I reached out with the Force and nudged the rock aside easily, despite the fact it must have weighed at least 2 tons. As soon as I walked over the tomb’s threshold, I felt the Force weaken, withdraw. It did not like this place. In place of the Force I felt anger, brooding and enduring, hovering in the air. Shivering, I followed my companions in. After a dozen yards or so we came into the dimly lit central chamber. Standing in the center of the room was a Cerean dressed all in black.

“Who are you, and what do seek from this place?”

My party glanced at each other, caught off guard and unsure of what to do. I tenatively stepped forward, “We seek the knowledge kept in this place.”

“You speak of the Holocron. It lies within the chamber through the door behind me. This door is locked, and I can not unlock for you unless you bring the two crystals that lie within the chambers through those two doors.” At this he gestured towards the doors on our right and left.

We asked him a few questions, but he would only say that the answers to our questions were not “in his programming”. Apparently this guardian was a droid of some sort, interesting. After we determined that we would get no more useful information out of the guardian, we decided to do as he said. We were unsure of which door to enter first, when the Togorian charged through the left door. The decision apparently made, we entered the left door.

Beyond it lay what appeared to be a maze of some sort. We had to hurry to keep up with the Togorian (whose name I believe to be Muurg… He shouted it as a battle cry). We went around a series of twists and turns, barely keeping up with Muurg. That’s when I spotted the small rods embedded in the walls periodically, but it was too late. A set of the rods began crackling and suddenly we were faced with a wall of crackling electricity. It stood between us and Muurg. We decided it would be best to split up and try to reunite. We split off different directions and made our way deeper into the maze. It wasn’t long, however, before we heard a keening wail in the general direction Muurg had went. We also heard more and more crackling and when we looked behind us, we discovered that we had been hemmed in by more of the energy walls. No way but forward.

We turned a corner and discovered what had made the sound we heard earlier. A strange, bipedal, lizard like thing blocked our path. It opened its crocodilian maw and emitted a scream, a sound unlike anything I had ever heard. I clutched my head and gasped in pain, luckily Captain was able to crush the creature with force, cutting off its air and the deafening scream. Once he had the beast firmly in his grasp, I slammed it into a nearby energy wall to finish it off quickly. After a few more twists and turns we found our way to the end of the maze, the Togorian was there waiting for us to catch up, apparently he had also encountered one of the creatures. We turned in unison towards the door set into the wall and entered. I immediately saw the crystal on a small pedestal towards the back of the room. We eagerly snatched the small object up and turned back towards the maze, but standing in between us and the doorway were two more of the screeching lizard-men. We dispatched them easily enough and slowly made our way back through the maze, the energy walls had deactivated when we picked up the crystal, and into the main chamber. We strode confidently towards the far door, the last room had proven easy enough, surely we could defeat this room’s challenges just as easily.

The door swung open into absolute blackness. We walked in slowly, our glowsticks illuminating the room. It was a vast cavern with no floor to speak of but rocky outcroppings here and there, islands of stone in a sea of darkness.


From what I can see, the only way to proceed forward in this chamber is by jumping dozens feet from platform to platform. Jumping is not one of my strong points. We looked over the edge and dropped a glowstick, 10, 20, 30, 40 feet it tumbled through the blackness until it struck the ground. Not necessarily a lethal fall, but painful, and there would be no easy way back up. Captain, utilizing the Force, leapt hundreds of feet, landing safely on a far platform. I handed one end of a rope to Muurg who vaulted over a 10 foot gap to the nearest platform, and I jumped after him, and fell several feet short. Luckily, using the rope I’d tied to myself, Muurg hauled me up. He jumped for the next platform, but didn’t make it, unfortunately, using the rope I’d tied to myself, he hauled me down with him. We fell all the way down and shouted up to the Jawa that we were alright. We then struggled for roughly half an hour to climb the walls and get back up.

Finally, we crossed to the platform that Captain had made in a single bound, it took us almost an hour. We looked further into the cave and saw it, the crystal, at least another hundred feet back. It was surrounded by Shyraks, at least 20 of them, but they seemed content to watch us from afar, surrounding the crystal. All the jumps necessary to get to the crystal were even longer than the ones we had already failed, Captain might make it, but we wouldn’t, and he would have to face the swarm of Shyraks alone. He jumped towards the next platform, and the Shyraks attacked. They swarmed him and heated combat ensued. The bloodcarver shot several and I used the Force to throw a few down into the abyss. Captain fought the rest off, but he was in bad shape and couldn’t make any more great leaps. That’s when the simplest idea came to my mind.

Of course.

I reached out in the Force and picked up the crystal and brought it to my hand. Easy, it’s so easy now. Crystal in hand we took our time getting back into the main chamber. We came before the waiting droid and presented the crystals. He smiled and gestured toward the back door, which slid open revealing only a darkened hallway. Eagerly, my companions and I rushed in. As the last of us crossed into the hallway, the droid said something about, “A real Sith would have seen that coming” and the floor fell away, dropping us 15 feet into a pit.

“Pit” isn’t exactly accurate, it was a small, dungeon-like room with some sort of metal grating across a couple patches of the floor. Then of course, there were the droids. They were nothing special, but when I reached out to the force to combat my foes, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t even the tainted Force I had been sensing in this tomb, it was simply, gone. That shouldn’t be possible. While the rest of my party engaged the droids I investigate the chamber. When I looked down through the grates, I saw a small cage beneath me, in the cage was some sort of small lizard, acting on a whim, I plunged my lightsaber downward and swiftly skewered the beast. I moved over to the other grate and killed the creature therein as well. As soon as I did, I felt the Force rush back into me, like breath into my lungs. There was nothing to be found in this chamber so we clambered up and out and confronted the droid. Grinning maniacally at us he activated a lightsaber, a lightsaber unlike anything I had ever seen. Its blade was long and delicate, and somehow the energy containment field was flexible, effectively turning the saber into a whip. He began cracking it at us, herding us back towards the pit. Muurg and Captain slipped by him, circling to flank him. I grabbed him with the force and held him there, suspended and helpless, while my companions rushed in for the kill.

Finally Captain scored a killing blow and the things head flew off, revealing some wiring and a hollow compartment. We searched the body and discovered a few lightsaber crystals, the lightwhip, and a small, triangular device, that must be the holocron.



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