Temple Of Convergence


I awoke out of my small bed in my apartment on Courisant. This was the day that I would travel to Yavin 4 to study with master Luke. I said my goodbyes to my only friend and promised I would return. It was one of the hardest thing I have ever done, I had made a small and simple life for myself, but I could never know what awaited me on Yavin 4. I held back my small tears as I left the only person that had any meaning in my life.

I composed myself and boreded the shuttle. I was given no information or any introductions, only that we were leaving and it would be a long flight. I began to observe my surroundings and realized how alone and different I really am. There was a smug and distant looking human, which I found was the only one who could understand my simplified language, I sat next to him and talked with him during the ride. There was also a strange creature I had never seen before, which I learned was called a blood carver, she looked very mysterious and I wondered why she was even here. A Yuzzem was sitting alone picking flesh off of his hide. His barbarism reminded me of the sand people that killed my family, and I didnt like that one bit. I stayed away from him as much as I could.

We landed on Yavin, it was a very strange place. I never would have guessed that such a place could have exsisted. It was much different from the deserts of Tatoine, but getting away from the city made me a little more at ease. It wasnt a nice place, but it was peaceful.

A human approached our group and started to speach in a language I didnt understand. The human in our group started translating to me, after I made my point that I couldnt speak his language. I was growing fond of this human, he was not such a bad person, plus everyone else scared me.

We were told about a temple that we were supposed to find, that we had to find our way through the wilderness. I thought it was odd that he told us to start on an adventure as soon as we touched down, but I relished to opportunity to be in the wilderness again. I soon realized that no one had a clue when it came to living a natural enviroment. It easy, I didnt have to worry about tracks or trails getting blown away with the wind, or the entire landscape being reshaped. It was easy, in this forest. I was happy to be needed, I was able to prove myself right away, but how could everyone be so stupid?

We arrived at some sort of ruins, but I had never seen such a structure before. It was foggy, but the Yuzzem charged in blindly. He showed no fear, I thought he was a fool. A larged black creature attacked the harry creature. I saw him stike and then collapse under some sort of mental attack by my human friend. It was astonishing to see such power with only your mind. A second beast attacked and the Yuzzem opened his mouth and bit the creatures head clean off. I felt mortified and impressed at the same time. It was at this time that I started to feel like the useless one.

We entered the building and it was very dark. I stumbled around and we came upon a crossroads. I was told we should go to the right. Upon our arrival into this dark room, our party was attacked by giant flying creatures. Only my human friend proved any worth in this battle as the rest of us tripped and were nearly killed in this darkness.

Back to the academy we were forced to go, Luke was surprised to see us back so soon, but he was disappointed when he learned what happened. We collected supplies and performed a surgery in the gift shop, only to find they had bacta tanks the whole time. After all that, we returned to the ruins and delved deeper into them.

Upon entering another small room, we saw the bodies of fallen storm troopers. So much death sent chills down my spine. I could hardly breathe, but we pressed on. We stepped into the room and lightning shot out from the ground and began moving the corpses back into life. I felt terrible for the once humans that had there bodies desicrated and used for evil intent. Between my passion to make all the evil right in the universe, and my desire to survive a started to swing madly with my mace. It was not a hard struggle, but another room lay ahead, and it was much larger. Our human friend seemed in a trance, he wasnt able to aid us in our battle. The next room held many more animated bodies. We fought hard, but some of these bodies seemed more powerful than others. It was a long and bloody struggle. All of my party had been injured, some severly. It finally ended and I was in need of medical attention. We rushed back to Luke and told him our story and we all recovered from our treck. I was terrified of what happened on our journey, it all happened so fast that I didnt realize how close I was to dying. I now fully understood what was required of me, and although my future still is uncertain, I must continue on and I will become a great jedi.



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