Temple Of Convergence

The Orientation of Untimely Demise

I should have gone to North Coruscant University like my parents wanted me to...

Darlaunn’s Adventure Log #1

Slightly crooked, small nose. White teeth, slightly uneven, but otherwise straight. Short, Dirty blond hair, cowlick on the left side so it never lays down completely in one spot, 5’8”, 140 pounds. Now for the eyes, the eyes are the hardest thing to get right. Darlaunn is guarded, but kind, reserved, but passionate, so the eyes to need to display a thinly veiled intensity. I’m glad I have a mirror, the eyes are so difficult to get right.

I take a moment and focus, quieting my mind. I am Darlaunn, I am from Kuat, I was raised there. I am a single child. My parents are dead, one from a heart condition, one from old age. I was discovered as a force sensitive when I was 9 and taken in by a master in hiding. I am honorable, but stubborn. Today I, Darlaunn, leave for Yavin 4 to be trained under the legendary Luke Skywalker. Once more I run over the details of my form, cementing them in my mind, don’t forget the eyes. I am Darlaunn.

Right from the beginning, I knew it was going to be a bad week. It all started on the shuttle ride… It was one of the worst shuttle rides of my life. By far my least favorite part was the large Yuzzem sitting across the aisle from me. He was overly-large and reeked of decay. I couldn’t figure out why until he started picking rotting flesh from his matted fur (though it should be noted that some of the flesh chunks were distinctly fresher than others). There was an overly talkative Jawa who decided to sit beside me. He was nice enough, but I’ve made a life of revealing as little of myself as possible, so he makes me incredibly uncomfortable. In addition to those two, there was a shadowy bloodcarver (who made me feel more at home) sitting in the corner. Despite her enigmatic appearance, there was no mystery as to the large sniper rifle that she could do little to conceal.

Things were already strange, and I hadn’t even touched foot on Yavin 4 yet.

We finally landed on Yavin 4, I’ve been on some backwater planets, but this is the backwater moon of a backwater planet which has fallen to ruins. The campus gift shop only offers basic survival gear, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it here for long!

Upon disembarking from the shuttle, Luke Skywalker met us and welcomed us to his Academy by giving us our first assignment. He didn’t train us, or offer any pointers, just sent us to some old, decrepit, abandoned ruins to investigate what he calls “a disturbance in the force”. This is his orientation technique? My masters on Kuat were right, these Jedi are a peculiar bunch. We set out immediately. I have never visited such a barbaric wilderness. I am much more at home in the cities. Luckily the Jawa claimed to know his way around a forest (despite the fact that he has lived in a dessert his entire life).

We walked through the day into the forests of Yavin 4 until we stumbled upon a marsh. I wanted nothing more than to turn back, but Darlaunn is honorable and stubborn, so I pushed on. Fog rolled in, I took a moment to sense the flow of the force, to hear its voice and listen for its knowledge. The shadows there were filled with danger, I opened my mouth to warn the Yuzzim who was already slogging through the slime, but before I could utter a sound, a great, snarling beast fell onto him from one of the trees. I took a breath and let the force show me what I needed to see. The beast was a sith hound (these sith creatures are a plague throughout the galaxy). I reached out and enveloped the creature’s mind with my own before jamming a bit of my own consciousness into its. It feebly attempted to hold me back, but it could not succeed.

My thoughts poison its mind, it looses itself, it has no identity, it is everyone and no one.

The hound crumpled to the ground in a heap. I became aware of my surroundings once again only to see another of the animals drop down and engage the Yuzzem. I prepared myself to crush this one’s mind as I did the last, but before I could, the Yuzzem opened his wide maw and inserted the hounds head, teeth and all. With a mighty crunch he bit down, completely severing of the sith hound’s neck. Darlaunn made a careful note of this companion, he is disgusting, irritating, and barbaric, but he is not to be trifled with.

We continued on a little further before coming to the ruins that Luke had wanted us to look out for. He especially wanted us to investigate the hangar. As fate would have it, the hangar bay door was totally collapsed, rendering the hangar inaccessible from the outside and our assignment that much more difficult. After a brief discussion we decided to head inside.

The temple smelled of death and dust. Unfortunately, it was impossible to see more than a few feet beyond the entrance before everything was lost to the shadows. In my time on Dyspeth, I grew comfortable in darkness and shadows, however, Darlaunn has never visited, or even heard of, Dyspeth, so he is quite uncomfortable in this place. We quickly discovered that none of us had brought any form of illumination. The others wanted to keep going, it went against my better judgement, but Darlaunn is honorable and stubborn, so we pushed on.

Into the darkness we marched. I kept myself open to the force, listening. As the others stumbled on through the darkness I realized that none of my companions were listening to the force. Odd, here I thought I was at a Jedi Academy. Whatever the reason, I’m the only one who seems to actually tap into the force. We soon came to a split in the path. I listened to the force and fate. The answer was clear enough, the left fork held our almost certain demise, while the right would bring us that much closer to our destiny. Again, I seemed to be the only one here aware of his own capabilities. I’ve always known I was strong in the force, but am I so much stronger than these others? At any rate, the group heeded my advice and moved down the right road, leaving the left for another day (And I do believe fate will bring us back to that path before long). We came to a small room. Suddenly, giant screeching, bat-like monstrosities flew at us. The yuzzim and jawa (what odd company I find myself in!) charged blindly into the room and fell over each other, both unable to see with their eyes or the force. I easily pinpointed the two creatures that were terrorizing us and shattered their minds. One of our number was severely injured in the fray.

At that point my own sensibilities overwhelmed Darlaunn’s stubbornness. The group was lucky to have me there, but I could not fight every battle alone. The rest of the group was even more frustrated than I, so we turned around to head back to the Academy. Luke was not thrilled to see us return in failure, but he allowed us access to the medical facilities (after I was forced to perform an emergency surgery in the middle of the gift shop) and heal before sending us back to the temple. Equipped with glow rods we trudged back out into the wilderness.

We returned to the temple and wound our way through its crumbling halls deeper and deeper. We entered a rooms in which several decades-old corpses rested. They still had on their storm trooper armor. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the presence of evil. There was dark force at work here. I reached out with the force and felt an incredibly powerful presence of dark force power beneath our feet, but if it had a sentient source, that source successfully hid itself from my sight. As the rest of the party stumbled into the room, raw energy began crackling around the room, centering on the corpses. As one, the ancient bones rose from the floor, returning to a dark mockery of life. Never in all my extensive travels have I seen such a thing.

I had little time to wonder when, as one, the once lifeless bodies began firing their weapons at our group. The Jawa and Yuzzem charged into the fray courageously (though perhaps in the Yuzzem’s case, just rageously). As they did, waves of tangible evil began seeping off the creatures, darkening our thoughts and wills. I reached out with my mind to the nearest foe in order to crush its consciousness, but there was nothing there! I panicked. In every place I have ever traveled I relied exclusively on my ability to confuse or destroy the minds of my opponents. I have encountered those who were highly resistant, but never have I encountered a mindless creature who could use the force! The rest of the battle is a blur to me, all I know is that I was practically useless. I had no weapon, and no way to really affect these creatures. Lucky for me, my companions dispatched the unnatural creatures easily enough. Never have I felt so useless! I picked up one of the creature’s blasters and some grenades to use in case we ran into more.

We moved through a short passage and a doorway and found ourselves in the hangar. Before we could take the breadth of the room in, however, more of the force-using corpses rose from the floor. The battle that ensued was as desperate as any I have ever engaged in. It seemed to stretch on for hours as we battled against our tireless foes. I used my grenades and blaster to dispatch a few, but I was not the main player in this particular game. Soon, as the battle seemed to be nearing an end, one of my companions, the Jawa, went down. Those of us remaining battled furiously, I sustained several severe blaster burns.

Then, as suddenly it started, the battle was over. I rushed over to my fallen teammate while the others checked around the hangar, finding some useful equipment. After a minute or two, it was determined that we needed to get back to the academy as quickly as possible. We carried the Jawa all the way back to the Academy and got him medical attention. I collapsed from my injuries once the adrenaline in my system ran itself out.

I awoke with a start, and my hands flew to my face. Who am I?!? Slightly crooked, small nose. White teeth, slightly uneven, but otherwise straight. Short, Dirty blond hair, cowlick on the left side so it never lays down completely in one spot. Darlaunn, I am Darlaunn. My panic faded and I remembered the events of the past several days. I got up and looked around for my companions. Finding the Bloodcarver, I learned that while I and the Jawa had been unconscious, the rest of my team had recounted our adventures to Luke. He was impressed by our bravery and shocked when we related to him the nature of our seemingly dead foes. He vowed to investigate the matter further and officially welcomed us to his Jedi academy.

We are now to train until he stumbles across another task that needs doing.

I think I understand why Luke sent us there. He was teaching us to adapt. I understand that better than anyone. I have learned that lesson many times before. But now I am tired, and the words of the account of my adventures are beginning to blur.

I lay down and mentally check my body and face again, as is my ritual. I am Darlaunn.



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