A'den Verd

The heir to the esteemed MandalMotors Corporation, this force-user specializes in the use of armor, utilizing both technology and the Force to get the most out of his equipment.


A’den Verd is a Mandalorian by birth (as opposed to those that prove themselves and are accepted into the culture), the heir to the MandalMotors Corporation, the esteemed company famous for its hardy ships and armour. A’den has always been fascinated with the armour portion of it all, but never has really caught on to the ships and business aspects of business, to the ire of his father.

This has been amplified since A’den’s discovery that he was Force Sensitive. While this originally widened the gap between A’den and his father almost to the point of complete hatred, a certain force sensitive by the name of Jusik Bardan, a well known if headstrong adopted Mandalorian associated with the Skirata clan, intervened, calming both parties and agreeing to train the young boy. Bardan being very practical, he taught A’den applications of the force that would particularly aid him in his armour usage and battle prowess. Learning all he could from Bardan, A’den signed up to be a liaison between Luke Skywalker’s Praxeum and MandalMotors, so that the company could provide the academy with various goods and weapons, and A’den could train under the esteemed Jedi.

A'den Verd

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