Captain Booty



1 cp on long stride 1 cp on lightsaber defense


A long, long time ago in a planet far away… Captain Booty was raised just like any jawa with lots of haggling and farming. My parents did what they could to support me, but out in the desert on Tatooine times can be hard. I was raised without much interest and my childhood progressed into my late 20’s. In my family you don’t become a man until at least 40. It wasn’t until my 27th year that my life changed forever. I was out harvesting water and tending the chickens early in the morning when the raiders attacked our small town. There must have been at least 30 of them, but it was enough to destroy our village. Most of the men didn’t have weapons, and none had much practice. It was a massacre… my whole family was killed and I barely escaped. I was running with a few of my neighbors as they chased us. As we charged towards the nearest town the sand people shot at us and all but me and a one other girl were alive. They started attacking that town as well. Together we found a small transport ship and stowed away. We made it out alive, but both of us were scarred from the event that transpired that day. We had nothing left and no idea where we were going. The ship landed on Coruscant. It was hard adapting to the city life. In time I started developing my fighting abilities, I never wanted to be unprepared again. It was hard getting started and I didnt show a lot of progress at first. I was contacted by a man named Luke Skywalker, but the name meant nothing to me. According to him, he is a jedi, which is some sort of powerful fighter with a strong connection to something called the force. From his description it sounds like I have been manipulating some of this powers already. He wants me to join me on Yaavin 4, in his academy to become a great warrior. I dont want to leave my companion behind, but she wants nothing to do with the violence of her past. I promised her I would return, and I would always defend her. And so I depart for Yaavin 4.

Captain Booty

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