A prodigal force user with a shadowy past.


Noble 1/Jedi 3 || Scout 4

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 21 Cha 21

HP: 58 Defenses: Fort 18 Ref 19 Will 20 Speed: 8 Init: 9 Perception: 10

BAB: 3

Force Points: 6. Midichlorian Count: 43,792.

Force Powers: Force stun (2), Mind Shard (3), Mind Trick (1), Vital Transfer (2), Force Slam (2), Move Object (x2), Negate Energy (x2).

Skills: Deception (12), Gather Information (12), Initiative (10), Know (Social Science)(11), Know (Galactic Lore)(11), Know (Physical Science)(11), Know (Life Science)(11), Perception (12), Stealth (10), Treat Injury (11), Use the Force (17).

Feats: Force sensitivity, Unleashed, Linguist, Weapon Prof (Simple, Pistols, Rifles), Force Training, Skill focus (Use the Force), Force Training, Weapon proficiency (lightsaber), Weapon Focus (Lightsaber), Skill Training (Galactic Lore), Galactic Lore (Physical Sciences).

Talents: Influence Savant, Vanish, Shadow Cloak, Evasion, Long Stride, Shadow Vision. Telekinetic Savant, Telekinetic Prodigy.

Character Points: Backstory – 1 CP, used to purchase Longstride. Adventure Log, Orientation of Untimely Demise – 2 CP. both used to increase Wis. Adventure Log, Adaptations – 2 CP – both Used to Increase Dex. Adventure Log, Carried Away – 2 CP used to purchase Martial Arts II & III. Adventure Log, Leaps and Bounds – 2 CP – used to purchase Trip & Strong in the Force. Cleaning Fee session 1 – 1 CP used to purchase Telekinetic Power. Cleaning Fee session 2 – 1 CP used to Purchase Throw. Cleaning Fee session 3 – 1 CP Used to purchase Improved Defenses. Cleaning Fee Session 4 – 1 CP Used to Purchase Force Boon. Cleaning Fee Session 5 – 1 CP used to purchase Skill Training. Cleaning Fee Session 6 – 1 CP used to purchase Skill Training.


Raised under the heavy oppression of the Empire, Darlaunn was raised by two really awesome loving parents who did their best to raise him given the circumstances. After a number of years Darlaunn’s parents decided that they would attempt to leave the planet and its oppression far behind. After some complications his parents discovered only two people would be able to leave. In a brave sacrifice, they allowed Darlaunn and his young sister Kaeli to escape. Darlaunn and Kaeli traveled to Kuat and made a life for themselves in the undercity of the capital there. In the seedy transactions and shady dealings of the underworld, Darlaunn discovered that he was sensitive to the force. He began using his then basic abilities to make a good life for he and his sister. Before long he was discovered by the Agents of Ossus, and having no other options he joined their organization. So began his training as a force user, though the Agents could offer no formal training with lightsabers. Darlaunn impressed his superiors with his impressive aptitude for the force, specifically as it relates to the minds of all sentient creatures. While Darlaunn was thrilled with his abilities, what truly intrigued him was the many facets of the force. As an Agent of Ossus Darlaunn heard about (and archived information on) various force using traditions, he found it fascinating that so many different cultures utilized the force in so many different ways. It was complex, taking many forms to many people.

Those days were the happiest in his life.

Those days did not last long. A few months later they came. Mysterious members of the Sith, the four strangers began hunting down and systematically eliminating every force user in the city. Soon they uncovered the Agents of Ossus. The agents didn’t stand a chance, one by one they were killed until only a handful were left. Darlaunn and Kaeli almost escaped, but the second in command of the Agents had other plans. Kordin M’ril had never been a brave man, and when the Sith came for him, he eagerly offered the names of the remaining Agents to save his own skin. The Sith came for Darlaunn, but it was his sister they found. They brutally killed her, alerting Darlaunn to their presence in the process. Enraged, he fled the planet aboard a smuggler’s freighter (he used a combination of credits, the force, and his own fast talking abilities to get a ride). Over the next several months he flew from planet to planet until, as fate would have it, he touched down upon a small moon. This moon was the home to the Disciples or Twilight. Though he had heard of them, Darlaunn knew little about them, so he set out to join them.

He succeeded. In a small matter of time he mastered the basic abilities of the Disciples. It was then he stumbled upon his destiny. He would master as many of the force traditions as possible, and he would bring those responsible for Kaeli’s death, Kordin and the Sith, to justice.


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