Character Creation and Alternate Rules

We are playing with the basic rules of SWRPG Saga Edition, with a couple flares.

  • Geshtalt rules (meaning that you pick two classes, take the higher numerical value for saves, hp, etc., and take the class features of both), starting at level 1
  • Everyone begins play with both the Force Sensitivity and Unleashed feats for free
  • You cannot begin play in the jedi class. Since the Jedi were essentially extinguished from the galaxy (and those that were not would not be level 1), there wouldn’t be any way to be a member of that force tradition. The only way to circumvent this would be to play as sith; however, this requires GM permission and is not encouraged, as you will often be in the prescence of the most powerful Jedi in existence. The jedi class will become available at a later time, after you begin your actual training.
  • Force points also work slightly differently. You can still use them to add a modifier to a die roll, activate certain talents and abilities, and expunge dark side points; however, you can now use three force points to activate the Unleashed feat (rather than a destiny point); in this way you can still use destiny points as regular, without feeling that you are wasting them on less than worthwhile ventures.
  • If you take the Force Training feat at 1st level, your power selection must be approved be the GM, and must generally match your force tradition (if you have one; see below)
  • Also, it is worth mentioning that this campaign marks a departure from normal Star Wars canon, in that the galaxy that exists in the movies and Expanded Universe exists only up until the moment we begin playing, at which point it becomes completely maleable and alterable. This gives both the players and the GM more freedom, so that the players can undertake actions that would disrupt the normal Star Wars timeline (such as killing Darth Vader) if they so choose without feeling they are ruining the “Star Wars” experience, and the GM can create plots and twists that even a player well-versed in Star Wars history will not expect (such as, for example, resurrecting the recently deceased Darth Vader).

Here are some suggestions on building your character:

  1. Vary it up a little- Since there are only five base classes (of which four are available), picking classes and especially talents that differ from other characters would be most advantageous to you, so that you don’t have, say, four sneaky-assassin type characters when there is a vehicle to be piloted. Talk with other players, see what concept they have, and try something new.
  2. Join a Force Tradition or Organization- Since everyone is automatically a force sensitive, and at least somewhat aware of your abilities, it makes sense that you would be a member of a force tradition of some sort. There are plenty of force traditions, for every type of character, from pacifists to pyros and from martial artists to stealthy assassins. This will open up your available list of force powers that can be selected for the Force Training feat (if you don’t pick a tradition, only bare-bones powers will be able to be selected), for one, as well as give your character a direction and even some background ideas.
  3. Create a Backstory- Roleplaying in general is always more fun when you care about your character and flesh him/her out. Hence backstories. Try creating a varied and inventive history for your character, considering both your goals as a player and those of your character. Why does your character want to study under Luke Skywalker? How does your character view the Force? Does your character have any enemies? What is your character’s opinion on the Galactic Civil War? Does s/he support the New Republic or the Empire, or neither? What has your character been doing up to this point? Questions like these will get you started in creating an interesting backstory for your character.

Also, check out here for tips on how playin in this new campaign will be different than you may have previously experienced.

Character Creation and Alternate Rules

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