the Force

The Force is perhaps the single most mysterious aspect to the galaxy. Broadly described as an energy field that connects all living things via midichlorians, the Force is neither well understood nor fully realized in its potential. However, this stops no one from either theorizing or utilizing the power that the Force offers.

Many theories exist as to the nature of the Force, as numerous as the various traditions that use the Force. Perhaps the most widely accepted view, however, is that held by most Jedi, known as the Living Force. Under this belief, the Force is created by life itself, and that it is an omnipresent energy source existing in all life through midichlorians. The Living Force has both a light side and a dark side, and its adherents focus on the here and now rather than the future.

A divergent theory, less popular but nonetheless second in total acceptance, is that of the Unifying Force. The tenets of the Unifying Force state that the Force has neither a light nor dark side, and that it in fact doesn’t take sides at all, treating all life equally. Those claiming allegiance to the Unifying Force usually focus more on the future and on their destiny, rather than on the present. Emperor Palpatine and Vergere both held this viewpoint, which is where the major philosophical difference between the Jedi and Sith reveals itself; Sith view the Force as a means to an end, whilst Jedi view it as an end unto itself.

Beyond these two main theories on the Force, many more exist within each individual force tradion: the Aing-Tii monks view the Force similar to the Jedi, except that they believe the Force is much like a rainbow, with many aspects that can manifest; the Fallanassi view the Force as a current running throughout the galaxy. Instead of trying to divert the powerful flow, they attempt to immerse themselves into it and become conduits for it. Whatever view one holds of the Force, none can argue that it is indeed powerful and a force to be reckoned with.

the Force

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