The State Of The Galaxy

The galaxy is a near infinite landscape to describe, itself massing as a unit quanities of stellar space that are nigh incomprehensible to our understanding. There are in addition thousands upon thousands of interstellar bodies comprised within the galaxy, from moons to stars to planets. This is not even mentioning the organisms that occupy these places; species beyond count claim residence on the various planets and spacestations common throughout the galaxy. Coupled with the fact that the galaxy at large is not fully explored nor comprehended, as a whole the stage is a difficult one to set.

However, events have occurred with ramifications playing out from the heart of Byss to the deepest depths of the Unknown Regions (one even so impactful as to change the reckoning of time to account for the period before and after this occurrence). Many of these have taken place within the last forty years.

Following a thousand years of peace, the Republic, the major ruling body of the galaxy, became engaged in a war with the Confederacy of Independednt Systems, a rebelling group dissatisfied with the widespread corruption and lack of vitality plaguing the Republic. The conflict, known as The Clone Wars, began thirty-four years ago and lasted three years. Nearly the entirety of known space was drawn into the fight, with heroes and villans on both sides and in abundance. The unique element was that even the Jedi were drawn into the fray, being instantaeously converted from a primarily peace-keeping body (as in relation to the wider galaxy) to one of warfare. In fact, merely by being a member of the Jedi Order, beings were elevated to the rank of general, even if they lacked all military disciple. At the climatic conclusion of the conflict, it was discovered that the Sith, in hiding for the better part of a thousand years, had orchestrated the entire war to eradicate the Jedi and place themselves as rulers of the galaxy. At which they succeeded.

Darth Sidious and his apprentice, the former Jedi Darth Vader, reconstructed the Republic following the Jedi’s destruction. The took the indecisive, corrupt, and often failing government and produced one that was efficent, protective, and strong, albeit one under their direct control. Darth Sidious took up the mantle of Emperor, and Darth Vader became his main instrument of terror (though many more were created and utilized). This government was known as the Empire.

The Empire busied itself enacting sever changes upon the galaxy. In the interest of maintaining control, the Empire consolidated its power into rulers who reigned over specific sectors of space, known as Moffs. It also began a pro-human campaign, enlisting only humans into government roles and enslaving and oppressing alien species widespread. This tyrannical nature, with power being taken away from induvidual planets and handed to human Moffs and the degradation of nonhuman sentients eventually planted the seeds of the Rebellion.

Initially made up of small-scale cell groups operating independent and isolated from one another, the Rebellion soon gained clout as the Empire resorted to more heavy-handed acts to suppress it. Uniting many oppressed alien species, the Rebellion utilized guerilla tactics to strike blows against Imperial supply lines, as any direct conflict would ensure destruction, due to the Empire’s vast and technologically superior forces. However, this began to change following the Battle of Yavin. Striking an impressive (though not by any means crippling) blow to the Empire, the Rebellion, with new generals and leaders arising such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Wedge Antilles, started taking greater and greater risks to fight the Empire, as more dissidents joined, seeing that the Empire was not invincible. This culminated in the Battle of Endor. Here was one of the first mass conflicts between the forces, with many battleships and resources being brought to bear on both sides; here was also that the Empire suffered a grave defeat (though again, not crippling), by losing both the Death Star II, the Executor, and its main leadership, the Emperor and Darth Vader.

At this point, though the Empire had lost its head, it was by no means defeated nor on its deathbed. The Moffs took control in the Emperor’s absence; however, they were ill to agree, and each Moff essentially took control over his sector. This made it difficult on the Rebellion, as capturing no one planet could completely dismantle the Empire. Through many trials, however, they Rebellion was able to capture Coruscant, at which point it established itself as the New Republic.

Following these dramatic events is the present. The Empire is alive and well, and the New Republic still fights against them for dominance in the galaxy.

The State Of The Galaxy

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